It’s been almost 2 months since I moved here to Korea and I have to say: Kakao Talk is really the “it” thing here! In case you don’t know, Kakao Talk is a messenger/chatting application (just like LINE, whatsapp, or WeChat) that is mostly used by Koreans. Back in Indonesia, I don’t think Kakao Talk is that popular because we use LINE or Whatsapp application but here, almost everyone has Kakao Talk. it’s normal for people to ask you “Hey, can I have your KaTalk ID?” instead of asking for phone number so if you are going to live in Korea, you better download that application right away!

Just like how the LINE application has their famous characters such as Brown, Cony, Sally and Moon; Kakao Talk also has their own version of characters which are Neo, Frodo, Muzi, Jay-G, and the super cute peach lol (I don’t know what’s his name). These characters are so popular that even many advertisements use them as their marketing mascot hahaha.



As an avid fan of the KAKAO friends, I decided to visit their official store at COEX Mall. COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping center in Asia. It is located in the basement of the Korea World Trade Center, located in Samseong-dong in the Gangnam-gu area of Seoul. The colossal shopping center stretches from Samseong station (subway line 2) in the south all the way to Bongeunsa temple in the north, and is considered to be the best shopping and entertainment complex in the area.



Enter the mall, find an elevator and go down to Basement 1. You would see the super yellow Kakao Talk Store!

my favorite peach!!

my favorite peach!!

Once you walk into the store, you could see a line up of Kakao Friends’ statues that you could take a photo with. And on the right side, there are a lot of Kakao Talk merchandises such as hats, mugs, notebooks, pillows, phone cases, and even candies! But because this is an official store, of course the prices are not cheap so don’t be surprised if a candy could cost around 2000 Won!




cute (but pricey) miniatures!

cute (but pricey) miniatures!

Apeach here, Apeach there <3

Apeach here, Apeach there ❤

After going around the shop and taking pictures here and there, I decided to buy the cheapest  cutest thing in the store!


The plastic bag is soooooo cute! I promise I won’t throw it away or accidentally make it into a trash bag lol

(again) my peach folder <3

(again) my peach folder ❤

I bought a super cute Peachie folder! It’s only 1000 won and is useful for students like me! Definitely will bring that to school and brag it to my friends hahahaha

So if you are in Seoul, do visit this KAKAO Store in COEX Mall!

Best regards,


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