KHow To’s : Applying D-2 Indonesian Student Visa to South Korea

There will always be a mixed feeling whenever you are going to study abroad: Happy and excited at one side- but also nervous and anxious in the other side. Yes, studying abroad requires a lot of preparations that need a lot of time and effort as well. After finishing all the university administration requirements, the D-Day of your departure is approaching. But there’s one thing that you must do before you could let out a sigh of relief : Visa Application.

Applying for visa could be a difficult and long process for some people, but once you know what you are required to fulfill, it’s actually could be short and easy! In this KHowTo’s  post, I will share the application process of a D-2 Student Visa to South Korea!

The Korean Embassy in Indonesia is located in The Plaza Office Tower, Lt. 30 Jl. H.M. Thamrin Kav.28-30, Jakarta Pusat 10350. You could apply all kind of visas here, including the student visa which is the D-2 Visa. D-2 Visa is the visa you should apply when you’re going as either an exchange student, undergraduate student (S1), master student (S2) or even a doctoral student (S3). The requirements are all listed at the Korean Embassy’s official website :

Don’t panic if all you see after you opened the website is Hangeul! Just click the “Bahasa Indonesia” button in the top of the page. Go to the Konsulat/Visa page and search for the requirements!

Here are the requirements as stated :

  1. Formulir Aplikasi Permohonan Visa ( you could download this from their website too)
  2. Foto Berwarna 1 lembar (4×6 cm) . Attach this to you completed application form.
  3. Paspor asli dan fotokopi (halaman identitas dan visa/cap negara-negara yang telah dikunjungi)
  4. Certificate of Admission (surat keterangan telah diterima dan terdaftar di Universitas Korea yang dituju)
  5. Ijazah terakhir (fotocopy dan asli)
  6. Bukti keuangan (dapat dipilih salah satu): Surat Referensi Bank terbaru atas nama pribadi atau orang tua dengan saldo minimum USD 10.000 atau Surat Referensi Bank dari Sponsor di Korea terbaru dengan saldo minimum USD 10.000

Based on my experience last year, you should also bring:

  1.  Fotokopi Kartu Keluarga, KTP, Akte Kelahiran
  2. Surat Keterangan dari Universitas Asal. (Your home university in Indonesia. Usually you could  issue this letter from the International Office in your university)
  3. Surat sponsor. (This letter states who pays for your expenses in Korea. Could be from your parents, office, or the institution that gives you scholarship)
  4. Your airplane tickets, if you already buy them (but this is optional)

The cost of making a D-2 Visa is Rp.490.000,-

Please be aware that the Korean Embassy has a strict rule on their time schedule. If you are applying ,the office is open only from Monday to Friday,09.00-12.00.

The visa will be done after 4 days (4 hari kerja) and could only be taken from Monday to Friday 14.00-16.00. You could call them to check first before you go there.

Anyways, be prepared and have a good luck in applying your Visa!

Best Regards,



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